Consultation with LGBT+ Youth in Kerry

Our Results

As a result of successfully securing funding from KETB under the LGBTI+ Youth Service Grant Scheme 2019: One-off grants for LGBTI+ Youth Services Listowel FRC and ScEEN in Kerry carried out the following:

1. Engaged web-designer to co-design the first Kerry based LGBT+ website.
2. Ordered a further 1,000 copies of the ‘Visible in Kerry: an LGBT+ Perspective’ Executive Summaries.
3. Engaged with KDYS and KACS to discuss consultation with LGBT+ youth and both organisations were fully on board and supportive.
4. Engaged with Maddens Creative Hub as a venue for the Consultation.



  • Maddens to be venue for Consultation night: hot food, soft drinks, popcorn etc to be supplied by Maddens.
  • To hold a movie night and follow it with the consultation process. Movie: The Birdcage.
  • Date for evening was Tuesday, 17th December 2019 (decided in consultation with KDYS and KACS)
  • Transport to be provided for groups requiring it.

Consultation format

4 topics selected, i.e. Well-being, Social/Activities, Website/Social Media, Join Us (how do you want to participate?).
Group of youths to be divided in 4 groups randomly; therefore each groups gets to add to each topic. It was agreed to create a fun atmosphere that a ‘speed-dating’ style would be used – each group moves when the bells rings.
Flip charts to be photographed and written up. This write up to be shared with the KDYS and KACS for the young people to see their work and our recommendations as a result.

Consultation Information:

Please note that out of respect to those who participated it was agreed to write ALL comments and suggestions up as written. ScEEN in Kerry and Listowel FRC are clear that they may not be in a position to follow through on all suggestions but will commit to work towards as many as possible.


  • LGBT Education, Keep learning and growing, You Tube
  • Tattoos – Design my own tattoos to express me
  • Pride
  • Dance
  • Connect with friends, tea, coffee chocolate and food, somewhere to chill, bean bags, blankets and give loads of HUGS!!
  • BE ACTIVE – Travelling, hiking (blue pool), nature walks and petting zoo, horse riding,
  • Speed dating – because we’re Gay and single!!
  • Talks & workshops in schools please


• Links to LGBT Resources
• Pictures and information about events and updates
• You Tube channel
• Needs to be attractive, interactive supports links to these
• I’m Gay Profiles, “I’m a Lesbo” X
• Blogs about people coming out stories, written by young people in the community (Memes). Videos of people talking about how they knew they were LGBTQ.
• Support LGBT Artists,
• Recommendations of LGBTQT Movies/Artists
• Make GAY Tik Toks
• Education for parents of LGBT children
• LGBTQT – Person of the month people that had any significance now or in the past
• Public speaking


• Wii, Video game night – UNDERTALS, Super Smash Bros/Tournament
• Karaoke, Music Video – Jam night/RAP/Guitar/BRUNCH/BRO-UNCH/Harry Styles!!
• Drag Night, Music, Karaoke, Drag King, underage friendly, wigs,
• Movies – Pride, In & Out, Almost Adults, Love Simon
• Musical/Drama nights
• Card games
• Slumber/sleep over parties
• Jenga with questions, Ranting about our stinky EX’s
• Cooking classes, baking ie. LGBT cupcakes


  • I wanna be there to make tea N hold ur hand
  • “Don’t pee ur pants too often man”, Gay TikTok, Be Gay
  • I wanna be a part of Screen in Kerry
  • More group activities
  • Concerts with known LGBTQT acts
  • Newsletter and Join committees to organise events
  • I want to help younger LGBTQT people
  • More meetings like this, Talks in schools pls